4 reasons to hire a photo booth for the big day

A wedding reception should be fun for everyone. One of the popular trends in weddings is hiring photo booths. Just like you and your partner, a photo booth and a wedding is a great match! Here are the reasons why you should hire a photo booth for the big day.

A photo booth is suitable for all ages

Adults love a photo booth and so do kids. It is nice to have something on your wedding that the children, parents and grandparents can join together.

Lots of entertainment

Your guests will just love the photo booth. When guests come out of the booth they will surely smile. They will love it so much that they will come back again and again. A photo booth is the highlight of your wedding reception and everybody will be pleased with the photographs.


Back in the days we had no cameras on our phones. You had to squeeze into a photo booth to make an instant picture of you and your friends. Our photo booths look more stylish, but the concept is the same as the good old photo booths. There is just one exception: we add some fun props to make the photo moments more memorable.

High-quality pictures

Our photo booths for parties boast the highest quality pictures. All our booths are packed with the newest studio equipment. You can be sure your prints are of the best quality.