4-stroke motor oil is developed in-house at this company

VROOAM is a company that develops its own 4-stroke motor oil. They offer a large section of oils in different varieties. Each variety is developed according to a unique formula. These formulas are based on the engine requirements of the intended vehicle. This company strives to exceed their customers’ expectations and boost performance. The 4-stroke motor oil from VROOAM offers ultimate engine lubrication, cleanliness and protection. It ensures a smoother clutch and gearbox operation. This increases reliability and durability. They offer five different categories:

  • VR90 series
  • VR50 series
  • VR30 series
  • VR70 series
  • American V-twin

With these oils you will give the engines the best protection possible. Each of these categories has their own advantages. The experts from VROOAM have combined their passions for marine industry and powersports into the best possible lubricant.

What is the difference between 4-stroke motor oil and 2-stroke oil?

The main difference between these two types of oil is that the 4-stroke motor oil does not burn with the fuel. Therefore it’s ashless. So what happens with the oil if it is not burnt? Instead it is being recycled around the engine. This also means that this type of oil contains different ingredients than the 2-stroke oil. Is has higher levels of detergents, dispersants, foam retardants and more. Because of the recirculation around the engine, the 4-stroke motor oil lubricates, cleans, disperses heat and holds impurities in suspension. All until you change the oil again. 

What type of 4-stroke motor oil is best for you?

Are you wondering what kind of 4-stroke motor oil is best for your application? Then it is best to contact the experts from VROOAM. They will tell you all about their product and which of the aforementioned categories works best for you. They will direct you to the dealer closest to you, so you can quickly get some of it.