PARTS OF A LAPTOP. written by: rechok


A laptop is a personal is a personal computer that is portable and can be used in a variety of locations, and are designed to have all the functionality of a desktop computer meaning that they can run the same software and open the same types of files. However, some laptops for example the netbook sacrifice some of their functionality in order to be even more portable. 

A laptop has an all in one design with a built in monitor, keyboard, touchpad and speakers meaning it is fully functional even without peripherals attached to it. A laptop is quicker to set up and there are fewer cables. Some newer laptops also have touch screens so you may not need to use a keyboards or a mouse. There is also an option of connecting a larger monitor and other peripherals.

The internal parts of a laptop include;

System board also known as the mother board.

This is the main logic board in any laptop and all internal components are connected to the system motherboard. This is one of the most expensive part of a laptop.

Memory/ RAM (Random Access Memory)

Random Access Memory is a temporary data storage that is volatile and all data stored in the RAM is lost. The more Ram installed in your laptop the faster the performance.

Hard drive

The hard drive is the main storage of information in a laptop. All files both personal and system files are stored inside the hard drive. The faster the hard drive you have installed the faster data access you get.

Processor/CPU (central processing unit)

This is the brain of a laptop computer it connects directly to the system socket via the CPU socket.

The external parts of a laptop include;

This is a small touch sensitive pad that lets you control your pointer by making drawing gestures. It replaces the mouse.


This allows one to use the laptop even when it is not plugged in and it recharges.

AC adaptor.

This is a power cable that is designed for use by different laptops. Some of these laptops helps to prevent damage to the computer and the cable.

Laptops have the same types of ports as desktop computers although they are usually fewer.

The RAM can be used to store memory for example during browsing when one can acquire hyperlinks from other websites to your computer and helps to navigate through pages on the internet. 

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