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Attention Diet

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In his book, Ryan writes about how Internet media pick up speculation, exaggeration, spread fake news and create a distorted picture of the world, how bloggers are fighting a fierce battle with each other for audience attention and traffic.

If you read, then you now roughly understand what a negative impact the Internet can have on us if we are consumers of refined content. Today we will talk about how to get rid of the destructive sites that consume our time, attention and energy once and for all. And a special “Attention Diet” will help us with this – an article by Mark Manson, author of The Book of Hope, on how to stop distractions and start living a productive and rewarding life.

So Attention Diet

Distractions that the modern world generates, and these are most often distractions for the Internet and games, become chronic. A person loses the ability to focus on important things. It is incredibly difficult to write something, to think about something, to carry out some huge project. Constantly there are some compulsions: check this, check that. This “eats up” a huge amount of energy. We cease to be capable of some huge accomplishments and are forced to be content with little. At the same time, he also suffers from his worthlessness.

To prevent this from happening, Mark suggests a kind of digital diet, which involves giving up distractions and anxiety. Just as an obese person needs to cleanse their fridge of fatty and unhealthy things first, so we, who suffer from digital addiction, first need to cleanse our devices of time killers. First of all, you need to remove all news apps and block your access to news sites. Secondly, remove unnecessary applications, entry into which involves a waste of time, but does not carry any benefit. In the third place, you need to look at what is left and carry out the final cleaning. Deciding what to delete and what to keep is based on 2 main criteria: “Damn it, yes!” and “No.” Look at the app and ask yourself, does it benefit you, does it give you deep emotions, does it not disturb you? If the answer to all three questions is the first, then leave. Otherwise, the application should be uninstalled without any regrets.

After cleaning, when there is nothing distracting left, you need to re-inventory and replace bad habits with good ones. You need to start training your attention biceps. To do this, Manson recommends:

  • Read books and long reads. This will force the brain to concentrate on information longer, think more, and in general, you will gain new knowledge.
  • Install special programs on your computer and phone that will monitor your further destructive behavior. Do not allow you to visit certain sites, monitor the time spent on them, etc.

And, most importantly, remember, you only have 24 hours a day. Don’t waste time on things that don’t work. Life is too short to be distracted by this. Think about it and only focus on the really useful things.

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