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Best business with high profit


Best business with high profit


1. Coffee (1).

Branding. Create brand awareness among young, new audiences. What works better than music? So offer in the form of a competition to have a ‘coffee concert’ at work, at home or anywhere else. With well-known artists such as Trijntje Oosterhuis or Zuco103.


2. Coffee (2).

More flavors. Sell your customers more types of products. Breathe new life into the coffee shop phenomenon by offering more flavors, and suddenly you have a global brand like Starbucks.


3. Coffee (3).

Copy every idea immediately. Like the Coffee Company did with Starbucks.


4. Catalog.

It still works: selling from a catalog. Give it form like a magazine about shopping and the reader can be seen with it, too. See Lucky, a magazine/catalog from publisher Condé Nast.


5. Famous always scores.

Combine it with user-generated content (costs nothing) and an SMS service (can make money) and you have something like .


6. Wireless.

The wireless era is at its beginning. Have we just heard about Wifi, it’s already UWB that’s ringing the bell (see the article on p. 88). So there are many opportunities there for infrastructure, products and services.


7. WiFi.

Infrastructure. Boris Veldhuyzen van Zanten seized an opportunity with WiFi. Wireless Internet everywhere in the Netherlands at 2.50 euros per hour. HubHop installs antennas at airports, entertainment centers and train stations. Thirty times cheaper and forty times faster than UMTS.


8. Personal Portal.

Service. Bought an I-mode device and you already don’t know why? Then create a personal portal for your I-mode. Check your mail and all the notes you enter on the Internet on your I-mode device. Make a useless tool useful with mature business applications.


9. Payment system.

A perennial topic on the Internet, where innovation is still possible. Like , which offers an online system for occasional payment processing. Useful for event organizers, for example.


10. New market (1).

Shanghai, symbol of the new China. Is potentially one of the largest and most modern metropolises.


11. New Market (2).

Budapest, the heart of Europe. Ready to join the EU.


12. New market (3).

Ghana. “Internet in Africa will develop strongly, so there are holes in the market there, which I SHOULD not be diving into, but diving into.” Says Ronnie Overgoor, CEO of Internet company Explainer DC which opened a Ghanaian branch.


13. Online TV.

Joris van Heukelom of TMF doesn’t think broadband streaming content will take off. Just too expensive to offer. (See interview on p. 52). But who says he’s right? “The time is coming when the whole ‘system’ now called television will become obsolete and integrate into the Internet. I still believe in the Jamby ideas, they just need to be sold a little more simply and understandably to ‘the people’, not freaky for a niche,” says Ronnie Overgoor, director of web builder Explainer DC.


14. Imaging telephony.

Eckart Wintzen, guru: “Imaging telephony is the most natural consequence of what is going on socially, particularly ever-increasing bandwidth and increasing need for electronic one-to-one communication.”


15. Schooling.

Eckart Wintzen: “In more flexible and modern ways than the public schools.”


16. New medicines.

Eckart Wintzen: “Development of new  based on peptide technology. Successful application of these is already within reach and thus the revenue horizon is in close proximity. Nevertheless; for medicines you need to have ‘deep pockets’ of course.”


17. Clean energy.

Eckart Wintzen: “Building up a lead in the field of clean energy, production technology and products is never out of the question.”


18. Dating with charactermatch.

Tom Kok, Coolcapital among others, former chairman of D’66: “Dating using charactermatch: it came along here and if I hadn’t been extremely busy, I would have jumped right in. Dating is a hype, and this is a serious variant. It uses the Internet at its best, and fills a social need.


19. Gas!

Tom Kok: “And I also call for action, roll up your sleeves! To avoid a deep recession, we have to step on the gas.”


20. Patent rights insurance.

Egbert Ottevanger, ID-NL: “The patent legal assistance insurance we came up with is now becoming a service of existing insurers; but if I had the opportunity, I would have liked to do it myself.”



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