How is the Dutch tax return system different?

Dutch taxes have a few oddities in comparison with the tax systems of other countries. For example, husband and spouse are taxed separately on labor income. Another peculiarity is that there is a preliminary monthly payment of the income tax over your wage. Eventually, the remaining taxes are due after filing the Dutch income tax return. In addition, one of the main advantages of working in The Netherlands is the 30% ruling. Dutch companies have the possibility to hire foreign employees under the so-called 30% tax ruling. This means 30% of the gross income is paid to their employees without withheld taxes. This makes the net spendable income of the foreign employee much higher, as they have to return less Dutch taxes.

Trust a professional with extensive knowledge

Due to the excessive rules and guidelines amongst the Dutch tax return, it may be wise to trust a tax advisor for help. At Witlox International Tax Advice you find professionals with extensive knowledge of and experience with the Dutch tax system and deductions. After each calendar year a tax return form has to be filed. Outsource this and do not worry about extensions, monthly tax refunds, appeals, and even more. One of the other specialties of Witlox International Tax Advice is  the US tax returns, both federal and state incomes. Did you know that US citizens and green card holders are obliged to file the US tax return? This is even the case when you do not live or work in the US.

Specialties of a tax advisor

If you have any questions regarding the services of this tax advisor in The Netherlands, make sure to contact them by calling or request a quote. Have your taxes in order and know everything about your tax position for the specified tax year.