how to Remove dark circles under the eyes

how to Remove dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes appear due to a number of reasons. It can occur because of nutrition (mainly iron) deficiency, it can result from of lack of sleep, carelessness or it can be triggered as a result of any skin problem (pigmentation). Here are few simple steps that will help to eliminate dark circles under your eyes.



If you think your dark circles are because of any diet issues, then you should adopt a healthy diet plan. Tomatoes are said to be rich in iron. They are therefore excellent cure for dark pigmentations around eyes. Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables will help you reduce pigmentation early and they provides long lasting effects. Citrus fruits are best to cure dark circles around eyes and they can be consumed in diet or can be employed in a thorough facial treatment.


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Dark circles or pigmentation sometimes indicate improper routine habits. You should eliminate this cause by following a tip top disciplined routine. Take at least 8 hour sleep especially when you are dealing with pigmentation issues. A healthy soul resides in a healthy body so stop being careless with your health as well as your outer beauty and start giving time and attention to your issues properly.


Continuous cleansing helps in dissolving marks and maintain the natural appearance and glow of the skin. Various products are available in the market or you can make use of natural products that are easily available at home. Aloe Vera is said to be a natural skin healer and helps you even the skin tone to the normal level. Butter milk is also said to be a good healer as it contains lactic acid that removes spots and pigmentation. Castor oil is also used to heal and remove dark areas around the eyes. You can also make use of almond oil and rose water.