how to remove dark pigmentation under eyes

How to remove dark pigmentation under eyes

Our daily routine greatly affects our skin. Our eyes indicate sudden changes with a slight change in routine. Our daily habits, what we eat, what we drink or what we do and what we don’t do act in formulating our whole appearance. For example, if we don’t sleep well or drink too much alcohol, or we are tired then dark circles appear around our eyes. There are certain other causes of dark circles. They can be induced from facial aging, volume loss around cheeks, thinning of skin under eye, dehydration, heredity, smoking, dietary deficiencies, allergies, illness like flu or environmental exposure.



Dark pigmentation can be cured by various remedies. First of all follow a good routine to avoid dark circles. Adopt a good diet plan that should include all basic healthy nutrients and should include carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Avoid harmful food habits or products such as alcohol, excessive caffeine intake (coffee, tea), and abstain from smoking.


You can use raw potato, cucumber, lemon, rose water and almond oil to cure pigmentation. Potato is a bleaching agent that helps in the fading process. Cucumber has mild astringent properties and possess skin lightener that will help you get rid of raccoon eyes naturally. Lemon is slightly acidic so it removes the dark areas from the skin. All three ingredients can be used in large chunk form or you can grate them in form of paste and apply it later on. You can also use rose water and almond oil regularly to remove and avoid dark circles completely.


Dark pigmentation can be cured artificially when you have reached extreme conditions, if it is hereditary or people use them to look beautiful. They are skin resurfacing, fat injection, surgery, cheek lifting, intense pulse light therapy (IPL) or you can use skin creams that include specialized products like licorice, vitamin C and natural ingredients.