Irrigation pump

I am looking forward to the days full of sun, nice temperatures and buzzing bees. But what makes me less happy is giving my plants water every day in the summer. In my south-facing garden there is a lot of sun, wind and much evaporation. For this year I have a plan to make it a bit easier for myself. The magic words: “automatic sprinkling. Since I try to keep plants alive myself, first on the windowsill and on my balcony, I have tried many solutions. First there was “let nature do its job, and hope for enough rain”. That turned out to be simply naïve.


The next time I asked the neighbors to keep an eye on things and to check the plants and water then occasionally. A week on the road in a three-week holiday in March and April, the summer bursts in the Netherlands. The neighbors said they had done their best, but all plants were dead at home.


I knew I needed something better, so I looked for better solutions. I decided to use an irrigation pump. An irrigation pump is a self priming pump used for irrigating lawns and gardens. The pumps can use any type of water, from groundwater to tap water and from ditch water to pond water. My garden faces a ditch, so an irrigation pump was an ideal way to irrigate my garden.


I have designed my design on a piece of paper in its entirety. It is smart to measure whether the tube you want to use is not too long or that you are not short of a few drippers. Of course you can purchase these separately, in sets of five or ten pieces, in the garden center, but it Is still more convenient to order the whole lot at once on the internet and then have it delivered at home.