Looking for tailor made solutions in terms of natural firelighters? The specialist helps!

Looking for natural firelighters of high quality to sell under your own private label? You should definitely take a look at Fire-Up International. This online store will provide you with all fire related products you need. That’s very useful when you own your own private label. Major private labels as well as minor private labels are welcome to order all products they need. Need to buy a large number of briquettes? Or different sorts of natural firelighters? A large number of charcoal or a variety in wood? It is all possible. The specialist offers tailor made solutions to all its customers. In cooperation, we even develop the desired labeling and packaging. Adaptations of any way can be made in a second.

Why choose natural firelighters made by a specialist?

What is the best way to light up fireplaces, barbecues, open fires and stoves you might be wondering. Natural firelighters are the answer. Especially when made by a specialist. Ordering at a specialist, like Fire-Up International, offers several advantages. First, the specialist exports all over the world. Next to that, they offer the latest, state of the art production and packaging machinery. Due to flexible production and short delivery times, you can order exactly what you need and you will receive your order as fast as possible. The specialist also strives to fulfill all necessary legal and social requirements, and therefore, they can offer you natural firelighters of the best quality.

The production of natural firelighters

Are you interested in ordering natural firelighters from a company that is specialized in sustainable firelighters and all kinds of other fire related products? Chances are you might be interested in knowing how these products actually are made. The natural firelighters by Fire-Up International are made from 100% renewable biological materials by a strong and skilled team that has an experience in this field of over 30 years. Innovation is key, so new production methods and new materials are always respected. Because of this, the firelighters are safe, environmental friendly and reliable. They are available in a wide range of sizes and packages. Therefore, you can always order the exact amount of firelighters you need.