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Optimise your production with a belt dryer

A variety of companies could benefit from using a belt dryer. Dutch Dryers BV has developed an excellent machine that can be implemented in various production chains. This system will achieve optimal drying results in a rather short amount of time. With everything in-house, they have the ability to adapt their solutions to your specific working conditions. The innovative belt dryer is an elegant solution to a problem that occurs in a variety of production chains. You are using resources or producing a product that needs to be dried. As this could take a lot of time, it can make a veritable difference in production rates when this can be fast-tracked.

How does it work?

The belt dryer works with a flow of hot air that has a temperature of 50°C. This is sufficient to achieve an excellent result. The material that has to be dried is transported on a conveyor belt, whilst hot air is being sucked through the material. This process which exposes the material to large amounts of heated air, causes the moist inside it to evaporate quickly. When the required drying capacity is minimal, this can be a rather sustainable solution. Even matter with high moisture levels can be dried safely and efficiently by the use of a belt dryer. Dutch Dryers BV will make sure that this phase in your production is implemented without causing problems.

Count on the expertise

At Dutch Dryers BV, they have the experience and knowledge to identify the best solution in your case. Both drum and belt dryers are part of their expertise, meaning that they will help you in choosing the right solution for you. Even a combination of both systems is possible if that is necessary. Discuss your demands and requirements with them and they will be happy to help you. Contact them today!