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Protection for nuts and bolts with a stud bolt cap

A stud bolt is generally used to protect nuts and bolts from thread damage and dirt. Without these stud bolt caps, rust and corrosion might affect these materials. The caps are available in varying materials, such as stainless steel and hard LDPE plastic. HBS Solutions is a specialist in stud bolts. They offer so-called BoltShield® caps. These are made from stainless steel for optimal protection of the nuts and bolts. These protectors have an internal female thread to strongly and securely fix the bolt. These have to be installed manually. You can easily install and remove them, so no additional tools are required.

What kind of stud bolts should I use?

This depends on your situation. Plastic stud bolts can be cheaper (depending on where you buy them), but they are less durable than the stainless steel bolt caps. HBS Solutions offers two different kinds of stud bolt caps. They each offer different levels of protection. One covers the bolt thread and the nut. If you only need to protect the bolt thread and not the nut, then you choose for the other. Every cap they have is available in stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum. Are you not sure which one offers the best solution for you? Just ask this company for advice. 

The many benefits of the stud bolt caps

So these caps have many benefits. The kind of advantages largely depend on the material of the caps. So they are easily installed and removed. They also protect the bolts and nuts against corrosion, moist, damage, dirt, and more. They can even prevent injuries for people from unexposed bolts. The stud bolt caps from HBS Solutions are suitable for coating as well. They can even provide the caps with a coating and can also be supplied in varying sizes ranging from 0,5” to 6”.