Reduce the dietary cation anion difference for healthier cows

Calcium deficiency is one of the most problematic effects of calving. Most dairy cows are incapable of producing enough dairy to sustain their calves, which is called a calcium deficiency. This calcium deficiency is very harmful for the calves and the dairy cows themselves, as they may catch a milk fever. This mainly occurs in older cows, as the calving requests a high demand on the calcium production whilst the process of setting the calcium free from the bones takes much longer.

Provide your dairy cows with nothing but quality anionic salts

Are you looking for opportunities to prevent extreme differences in the calcium levels of your dairy cows? Kimtec International may have developed the solution to balancing the dietary cation anion difference in the form of different economically feasible feed additives and supplements. They are called anionic salts and KatAn® is but one example. The anionic salts consist of potent and palatable anionic salts. The experts at Kimtec International have developed them solely for the prevention of calcium deficiencies in dairy cows. This is one way of reducing the dietary cation anion difference in dairy cows to make sure your dairy cows have nothing but the best when it comes to calcium release in their bodies.

Quality and safety as a standard

Every product to balance the dietary cation anion difference in dairy cows has been developed, tested, and produced under strict regulations of the GMP and HACCP. These are just mere examples of the many strict guidelines followed by Kimtec International.

Rely on a partner with a global network

If you are interested in acquiring one of the anionic salts for your dairy cows, one of the knowledgeable employees is more than happy to explain the mindset behind preventing difference in the dietary cation anion balance. In addition, there are more anionic salts available than just KatAn®. Contact these experts to explore the possibilities and supplements that can prevent milk fever in your dairy cows.