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RFID Technology Solutions for Your Library

In a library, you need to ensure the security of your materials and be in a position to streamline your services so that your customers get quality and speedy services. Given that libraries serve hundreds of customers with a short period, there is always the risk that some materials may be sneaked out, or the workload may overwhelm the staff. This may lead to delays in serving clients or costly mistakes that cause loss of materials. RFID technology offers various solutions that you can use to enhance the library security and speedy release of materials, as described below. 


RFID System for User Identification Cards

If you have patrons or regular customers that come to your library, you can make their entry procedure a lot easier by issuing them with RFID cards. They will not need the usual protocols when getting to the library. Instead, they point their cards to the reader and the door will be opened for them. You can integrate the RFID System into the library management system so that you have a log of the people that accessed the facility in a given period. The system also allows you to issue more cards to new patrons. 


RFID Tags for Your Materials

You must be dispensing some books and other multimedia materials to your customers. The process of filling the book details can be slow, tiresome and prone to errors. You can make the work easier for your staff by purchasing an RFID book tag dispenser and program. The RFID system from Dialoc ID Library writes data into book tags and sets AFI and EAS bit.

The team can read the data by scanning the barcode during conversion. You may use the RFID library system as a standalone tag dispenser or connect to the Dialock ID Station conversion software. Whichever way you pick, this technology makes the dispensing and returning of the books fast and efficient.