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The exact operation of a car lift

Are you curious about the exact operation of a car lift? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because we are going to tell you exactly how a car lift works. Car lifts come in many different models. Are you curious about the many possibilities? Then take a look at the website of the Lödige brand. Especially in the United States, there has been a huge demand for high-quality car lifts for the home in recent years. A car lift is more than a nice gadget: it is an installation to be proud of.

From Batman to your home

The most famous car lift is, of course, Bruce Wayne’s. In the blink of an eye, he conjured up his Batmobile. The nice thing about a car lift is that you can move your car – your own unique gem – from one floor to another in no time. The car lift is particularly popular in busier, urban areas where space is at a premium. Extending garages horizontally is usually not possible, but on the vertical level, some things are possible. Besides, such a lift is just cool to look at.

So how exactly does such a car lift work?

A car lift is like a double-bottomed garage: handy for those who lack space. You drive your car onto the platform and the lift then moves it to another – often hidden – floor. The result? Your car is safely stored and out of the way. Car lifts are fine pieces of engineering, but unfortunately not cheap. To have a car lift installed, you quickly have to set aside around EUR 40,000-45,000. There are all kinds of options available, including very elaborate ones. As a result, there is a lot of variation in price.

Effective use of space

Car lifts are used by companies as well as individuals. Some car lifts are intended to be used with a driver, others without. Through clever use of space, you can create up to 80% more free space. The handy thing about a car lift is that you can effortlessly move your car to another floor. Of course, there are some things to consider, such as the length and width of the lift, the total load capacity, the pit depth into which you lower the car and, of course, the transport height.

Lots of difference in transport height

When you think of a car lift, you don’t necessarily have to think of a lift of a few metres. Certainly not, even. There are car lifts on the market that can span over 10 metres or even 50 metres. A pit is fitted under the lift system. Fortunately, this pit does not have to be very deep. Usually a depth of 20-130 is enough to meet all safety requirements.