Trust an expert diving team for your ship repair in international waters

When your ship is broken down, you need a vessel repair company as soon as possible. Having a ship at rest costs money and that is a situation you would like to prevent or fix, rather sooner than later. These repairs can be carried out through diving services or with the use of a cofferdam. Through the application of a cofferdam it is possible to execute repairs to your ship from inside the boat. It is also possible to weld underwater, for example to repair cracks and holes of reasonable sizes.

24/7 service to provide a quick and viable solution for your problem

If you are looking for an international ship repair company that is at your service 24/7, then Antwerp Underwater Solutions is your best choice. Explain your problem or the repair you need and these experts immediately start working for you. Especially in situations where there is no time to waste. They start with a thorough inspection of the ship to understand which repairs are necessary. This results in a clear understanding of the problem. After this inspection the professionals set up a straightforward plan to fix the problem in a safe working environment. For this viable solution you receive a no-surprises, no-nonsense quotation. You have a good estimate of when your vessel will be sailing again against what costs.

Ship repairs across European harbors

The expert divers of Antwerp Underwater Solutions deliver what is best for your vessel. The company supports ship repair in international harbors across Europe. If you have any questions about the services or would like to request a clear quotation for repairs of your ship, make sure to contact these experts by calling. It is also possible to fill out the contact form on their website. They will repair your ship as quick as possible, so you can continue your course through international waters.