Wall colours

When you are decorating a room, the colour on the walls is very important. These colours can define the whole feeling and appearance of the room. Therefore, it deserves some thought. In this article we will give you some tips when it comes to choosing the colours for the walls in your house.


When searching for the right colour, you have to start with determining if a darker colour of a lighter colour is most suitable for the room. If you have a small room, we would suggest to choose a light colour, because light colours make a room seem bigger and dark colours make a room seem smaller. If you have a room that is big, but lacks character, then we would advise to go for a darker shade.


There are warm and cold colours on the colour palette. Examples of warm colours are orange, yellow and red. Examples of cold colours are green, blue or purple. It looks best when all the colours in the room match, so they are all cold or all warm. If all your furniture has warm colours, then you should choose a warm paint colour.


If you doubt about the colour you might want, or if you cannot choose between two beautiful colours, you can always ask for a tester. You can paint a small part of the wall with the tester, so you can see how it turns out in your room. Sometimes a colour looks good in the store, but when you try the colour at home, it does not fit with the rest. It is nice to know that before you paint everything with it.


When you have picked your colour, you can start painting. We advise you to do this with an indoor paint sprayer, instead of with old-fashioned paint brushes. A good paint sprayer is the wagner flexio.